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Ordinary Food. Extraordinary Results.
Created by a Family Doctor.

If you have tried other diets and are tired of calculating and exchanging your food choices, try our visual, photographic portion control system. Created by a family doctor, MyPhotoDiet™ is a visual guide for healthy eating to lose weight and control high blood pressure. Our digital, photographic menu programs consist of everyday foods that you already enjoy without complicated recipes or exchanges. Choose from 13 different breakfasts, 14 different lunches and 16 different complete dinners arranged in a 90 day program with 2 nutritious snacks each day. You won't need to shop for a "diet" again!

Click here for Sample Menu 1 (Day 12)
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"Our easy diet meal plans have been photographed so you can see what your plate should look like to lose weight permanently."

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"This is the easiest diet I have ever been on. I ate all of my regular foods and lost 4 pounds the first week!"

- Laura D.

"MyPhotoDiet™ lets you see the entire day's selection of food on one page. Having photographs of my meal plan has been an emotional boost and helps me stay focused."

- Greta L.

"I lost 8 pounds in the first two weeks! I recommended this diet to two women at the bank yesterday and my friends are doing it!"

- Harna S.