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About the MyPhotoDiet™

The My Photo Diet™ Program is a complete 90-day diet and exercise program, designed to help you understand what a normal, low-fat, low-calorie diet should be. For years, patients in our medical practice have felt frustrated from trying and failing fad diets, trying to adopt vague dietary guidelines and manage difficult food group exchanges.

The My Photo Diet™ Program follows the recommendations of the American Dietary Association and uses the food pyramid as its guide to provide a clear and simple diet program for our patients and for you.

Program Guidelines


The My Photo Diet™ Program is a guideline for healthy eating and exercising. The diet incorporates the appropriate amount of calories (approximately 1300-1500), protein, carbohydrates and fat grams for each daily total. Daily meal plans are interchangeable, and reflect real-life choices. The My Photo Diet™ Program allows you the flexibility to make educated decisions and to eat foods you already enjoy to fit your lifestyle and personal tastes.

Exercise is one of the most important things you can do to keep your body healthy and to make sure that your diet works! The My Photo Diet™ Program is a lifestyle adjustment, and expects that you will incorporate daily exercise into your routine. Finding even 20 minutes in the day to exercise helps to make your body stronger and healthier. Whether it's in the early morning, or at night when the kids are in bed, regular exercise is an essential to good health. You will find information on calculating your target heart rate as well as different types of cardiovascular exercise that you might enjoy.

Exercise activities include; fast walking, running, exercise videos and biking.

Remember that just by reading The My Photo Diet™ Program materials and thinking about making better choices, you are already on your way!

Visual Daily Planner

As family health care practitioners and educators, we believes that the simplest way to teach people how to eat well is to provide a visual guide for healthy food choices and portion sizes that form a well balanced meal. Our Visual Daily Planner provides a clear guide for food choices and portions to allow you to plan and prepare meals easily and to maintain a healthy diet. Having a clear vision of a healthy diet is essential for success, and the photographs and resources in the planner reinforce that vision. The numbers on the meal images reflect the calories for that meal followed by the fat grams for that meal.

Seeing is Believing!

Stephen Butler, DO
Leslie Stefanowicz, NP