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Low-Calorie Snacks

Under 150 Calories
Pretzels (logs or knots)110 calories
Fruit Bar130 calories
Granola Bar130 calories
Cinnamon Apple Sauce (1 cup)101 calories
Under 100 Calories
Popcorn (3 cups
 of Orville Redenbacher®)
80 calories
Lender's® Bagelettes70 calories
Fresh Vegetables
  Broccoli (raw, 1/2 cup)12 calories
  Brussels sprouts (boiled, 1/2cup)30 calories
  Cabbage (boiled, 1/2 cup)16 calories
  Carrot (1.5 inches)31 calories
  Zucchini (medium)30 calories
Grapefruit (1/2 medium)46 calories
Grapes (10 medium)15 calories
Fruit Cocktail (1/2 cup canned)90 calories
Triscuit® Crackers or
 Graham Crackers (2)
60 calories
Blueberries (1/2 cup fresh)41 calories
Banana (1 medium)55 calories
Apple (1 medium)81 calories
Apricot (3 medium)51 calories
3 Bean salad70 calories
Beef jerky (Slim Jim®, 1 piece)20 calories
Pita bread (1 slice)79 calories
Bread Sticks (2 pizza)86 calories
Healthy Additions
Alfalfa sprouts (1/2 cup)5 calories
Apple butter (1tsp)12 calories
Artichoke (1 medium)60 calories
Asparagus (4 boiled spears)13 calories
Bean Sprouts (canned, 2 oz)6 calories
Boiled Beet greens (1/2 cup)20 calories
Bacon bits (1 tbsp)30 calories
Barbecue sauce (1 tsp)25 calories
Béarnaise sauce (9 oz pkt)90 calories
Gravy (Heinz®, 2oz)20 calories
Sweet and Sour sauce (1oz)45 calories
Butter (1 tbsp, salted)100 calories

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