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Physician's Reference

To Our Colleagues,

We have developed a comprehensive diet program using the current ADA Food Pyramid Guidelines by calculating the food portion sizes and caloric intake to help our patients to lose weight and feel healthier. As primary health care practitioners working with patients every day we found the need for an easy, simple diet to refer our patients to. Patients need a straightforward diet reference which doesn't require them to comprehend diet theory, think about tracking calories or mastering diet exchanges.

My Photo Diet™ follows some simple guidelines to help our patients make good food selections.
  1. There are no elaborate recipes so the diet is easy to prepare.
  2. The patients can choose to follow the whole plan or just pick out the daily menu that is right for them from among the 90 day plan.
  3. All portion sizes, calories and fat grams are pre calculated.
  4. All the food selections are found in a standard American diet.
My Photo Diet™ offers a unique approach to dieting designed to appeal to all of our patients. The visual meal planner helps people grasp the concepts of portion sizes to promote life long dietary changes and assist in weight loss maintenance.

  Stephen Butler, DO
  Leslie Stefanowicz, NP

Physicians and Health Care Providers:
We offer group rates as a low cost
weight loss incentive for your
employees, clients and patients.

Contact us directly for details.

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