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Relative Measurements

MeasurementLooks About Like...
1 teaspoonthe size of your thumbnail
3 teaspoonsthe size of half of your thumb
1 cup of lettucefour large lettuce leaves
1 medium size potatoapproximate size of a computer mouse
1 oz of cheeseapproximately the same size as your whole thumb
1 pancakeapproximately the same size as a CD
1/2 cupapproximately the same size as a child's fist
1 cupone large handful
1/2 cup of beansapproximately the same size as a light bulb
1/3 cup of nutsapproximately one handful
3 oz of meatapprox. 1 deck of cards or the palm of your hand
6-8 ozapprox. the size of your home telephone
1 medium size fruitapproximately the same size as a baseball
1 cup of cut fruitapprox. the same size as a softball
1 tbsp of butter
 or peanut butter
approximately the same size as a golf ball
3 tablespoonsapproximately the same size as a racquetball