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Dartmouth Medical Center
Saint Anne's Hospital

New Bedford Medical Associates

People to Projects

Nutritional Consultants
Pam Bermudez, RD,LDN,CDE
Kathleen Bucklin, RD, LDN
Lauren Curtis, BS, MS

Foreign Language Translators
Katherine Lawber, Ph.D - French
Lynne Yenush, Ph.D - Spanish
Linda Pereira, NP - Portuguese

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Corporate Executives, Business Owners,
Physicians and Health Care Providers.
We offer group rates as a low cost
weight loss incentive for your
employees, clients and patients.

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July 28, 2006
101.1 Rythme FM - Quebec
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101.1 Rythme FM Quebec Radio!
Les Matins De La Mauricie
August 8, 2006
The Herald News Online
Featured as a full page cover story
in the Business Section of the
Fall River Herald News!
August 20, 2006